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April 1, 2014

Cute And Hassle-free Diy Party Ideas For Any Occasion


Whatever party you’re planning to have, it you have to make sure that it will be remarkable and well-organized. You do not have to compromise your budget to accomplish this as there are a few diy party pack ideas you can utilize to make your celebration successful. Get ready to get crafting!

Paper Heart Garland: Paper heart garland is a fantastic decoration for celebrations since you can make it vibrant by adding some colors and various shapes in it. You don’t even need to search a great number of materials to create this. These are the things you need to prepare to get started: Get your favorite die-cutting machine and die and punch out around 30 shapes, attach your shapes to a long piece of colored twine making use of glue, staples, or whatever you have on hand. You can start decorating after.

Embossed Gift Tags: Adding an embossed gift tag can level up the quality of any gift. You can commence making these by way of making use of your die cutting machine or any embossing equipment and selecting a pattern befitting the theme and punch it out. You could create a message in the embossed card. Yet another means of making use of these tags is through converting it to a place card for a fancy dinner you are hosting. Simply emboss a great pattern with your guest’s name on it and you’re all set to go.

Easy Party Favors: This is a fantastic accessory that could be filled with a great deal of party treats depending on your event. All you have to do is to die cut a box shape and decorate it with a patterned paper or cardstock. This can be very fantastic in birthday celebrations and baby showers. Creating a pillow box shape as a pattern is fantastic. If you want, you can also utilize a regular box shape for your party favor box. Using a die-cutting machine makes this process so easy, you just punch out your box shape, fold it along the scored lines, secure it with glue or even strong double sided tape, decorate it or embellish it anyway you want- and you’re done! You can include small treats if you are throwing a kid’s birthday celebration or add on blue candies for a baby shower instead. Bring home treats for your guests will truly make your party more memorable.

Custom Paper Drinking Straws: Utilizing this type of DIY concept is very cute making it popular in each and every girl’s birthday celebration. Buy colorful paper straws and mason jars from any supplier. You could find several choices on the internet, which are not expensive. Then, cut out a shape to match your drink or theme, like little lemon shapes if you plan on serving lemonade or cherry shapes if you’re serving fruit punch- and attach it to the paper straw with glue. Now you have cute serving glasses all set for each of your party guests to enjoy!

These DIY party ideas will certainly encourage you to be more creative to uplift the excitement for your event. Best wishes and commence crafting today.


February 21, 2014

Simple Yet Wonderful Diy Crafts Through Sizzix Big Shot


There are a lot of people who are trying DIY crafts home decor on their own. This is simply because they could be a great pastime and offers you the chance to save more. Crafting isn’t limited to scrapbooking alone; even if you’re not really into this typical crafting work but would like to make customized cards and invitations for special holidays and events, then you will surely find this pastime very helpful. The entire concept of DIY crafting is to accomplish a project yourself and adding your personal touch to it.

It is crucial that you’ve got a tool to help you out with different DIY projects that you are going to do. For this, you’re going to need Sizzix Big Shot. You need to have this die-cutting machine into your collection of tools for crafting because it will certainly help you a lot. It has a lot of dies accessible which means you will be able to do all the project that you would like to try.

Listed here are samples of easy yet exciting Big Shot DIY crafts that are truly worth trying.

Gift Tags and Party Envelopes

If you’re planning to host a celebration or to provide gifts this holiday season, then making these envelopes will be best.

Die-cut the kind of patterned paper or cardstock that you wish making use of the Sizzix Big Die in the Envelope & Tag, Mini shape, and then fold along the creased lines to assemble your envelope. Put the tags inside the envelope you have assembles and personalize however you would like it look like. You’ve got the choice to pierce a hole at the topmost part of the envelope for you to tie a ribbon.


DIY matchbox treat holders is a unique tool for storing and providing treats; you have the choice to select any design and color you would like to match the season or event. Utilize orange and black for Halloween or green and red for Christmas time.

When creating these boxes, set the Movers & Shapers “eat” die in the middle of the Matchbox base die. Once done, cut a Box out of the cardstock, or any other patterned paper you wish to use. Make sure that you fold the box according to the creased lines afterwards. On the “eat” window you’ve created, make sure that you place a patterned paper. By doing this you’ll be able to attach a ribbon on it if you prefer. Embellish the box however you like!

One-of-a-Kind Pillow Boxes

Utilizing your Big Shot tool along with the Fancy Pillow Box die that is incorporated in the here omen Cook collection, creating pillow boxes will become easier.

Utilizing the die, you can create the Fancy Pillow Box shape. Fold along the creased line to assemble, then put the gift or treats inside. Make certain you secure the box by folding the flap. Afterwards, place any design that you would like to add. In order to make it more pleasing, make certain you use various materials in designing it.

Other than giving you the opportunity to savor your time off, DIY crafts is also the perfect way of showing your skills in DIY-ing. With that, why don’t you start making those crafting projects now?


Essential Things To Find Out About The Efficient Sizzix Vagabond Machine Created By Tim Holtz


The vagabond machine inspired by tim holtz by Sizzix is an amazing piece of die-cutting machine. This motorized machine is designed to copy a small, old leather suitcase where you can very easily personalize it because it has a set of stickers. Based on looks alone, the Sizzix Vagabond is great for any craft room regardless of how its decorated. But looks might be deceiving because this divine-looking die-cutter can certainly do lots of things compared to most machines which are out there.

Other than the stickers used to embellish the Vagabond, other components that will be included in the box are a solo platform, a solo shim for deep embossing and a pair of standard cutting pads. What makes this die -cutter a savvy choice is that it is really handy even though it is motorized. This machine weighs 14 pounds, and it’s very compact. It has some accessible space inside to stuff items in, and a space for the power cable that’s located on the sides.

The Vagabond is really easy and fun to work with that you’ll regret not getting one sooner, especially if you are a heavy crafter. To bring you started with your craft project, only press the release button. Nonetheless, Tim Holtz did went overboard as he come up with a beautiful design of this machine. According to him, he would like to make this machine as the most compact and most practical die cutter not only in the Sizzix line, but to other die cutting devices as well. And, he has done it. This compact machine can certainly cut through hard and hard materials like Grungeboard, metal, and even canvas as if it’s just like cutting a bar of cheese. The potential to cut through any sort of materials easily is the primary reason why this machine is sought-after.

However, this machine has printed guidelines that is connected on both the shim as well as the platform making it easier for novices. The instructions show what precisely to do and what materials you should use. No more thumbing by means of a boring instruction booklet simply to start. Just plug it in, and start working.

The motor button which have a forward and reverse switch is located on the side of the handle bar. You can quickly come up with artistic crafts with this machine for this is extremely simple to operate.

For a crafter who haven’t bought a machine yet, trying to find a solid die-cutting machine that will help you with your crafts is a brilliant move. The Sizzix Vagabond can be really suitable for beginners, and can also make a great addition to a crafter’s toolbox. You can stop your search for the best die cutting machine because the Sizzix Vagabond by Tim Holtz is the best machine you shouldn’t miss!


February 3, 2014

Tim Holtz Dies

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There are plenty of positive feedbacks about Tim Holtz and his products making its brand to be greatly regarded in the crafting world. He’s noted for his work as a designer for a slew of different heavy hitters in the crafting business such as Sizzix, Ranger, and Stampers Anonymous just to mention a few. Rustic or vintage products are the products that he generally designed.

Yes, it is factual that Tim Holtz’s ink strategies and projects made him famous but what made him even more and more famous are his Tim Holtz dies and embossing folders as well as his engagement in the notable Sizzix Vagabond machine’s development. Papercrafters and scrapbookers like his dies for their shapes are made appealing and innovative exactly where several other die collections can go well with them. Because of this, far more projects may open for your personal collection.

Also, the Sizzix Vagabond machine is an unrivaled die-cutting machine in the current market. It’s a very smart design, resembling a suitcase that’s been all over the world more than a few times, but it’s the functionality that definitely makes the Vagabond among the best die-cutting machines out there. This stable machine weighs around 14 pounds, and it is also motorized for easy function.

Tim Holtz created dies with each and every Sizzix machines; so whenever you work with a Sizzix machine its just like you’re also working together with Tim Holtz dies. Moreover, you can love the remarkable dies and embossing folders that has the machines.

There’ll be no touch of dissatisfaction if you make use of Tim Holtz distinctive design for it will definitely surprised everyone even the professional scrapbooking and crafting companies. The Movers and Shapers collection is also well-known to crafters specifically for newcomers simply because they can recycle the dies over again; and the good thing is they can gradually begin their die collection. Additionally, you can pick from numerous shapes and frames that you can utilize in your scrapbooking or crafts project that you are about to do.

Don’t limit your projects with Tim Holtz dies in papercrafting. If you are keen on working with fabrics or you love quilting, then the possibilities are endless. Projects just like a rustic cottage quilt, or a fun travel zip bag or a wristlet are just a couple of ideas that might even encourage you to create your personal collection.

Tim Holtz dies are versatile and unique. Integrating them with your very own collections will make it a lot more excellent and wonderful. You’ll be so influenced by his stunning designs that you’ll like to start crafting instantly. Just explore the Tim Holtz blog to acquire a few wonderful craft ideas and even simple tutorials you can follow. In Pinterest, you can also found heaps of holiday craft ideas that you can utilize.

It’s recommended that you think about Tim Holtz dies, embossing folders, and other products if you would like to grow your crafting collections.


December 28, 2013

How Diy Home Decor Crafts Ideas Become Suitable For Christmas


Holidays are such a great excuse for crafters to try out some all new and interesting home decor crafts, as there are many techniques you can celebrate the forthcoming Yuletide season, the options are practically limitless.

Well, you may have just stepped in the perfect place mainly because you will be able to get hold of some excellent tips that will assist you in looking for your own DIY home decor crafts pieces. Continue reading to locate the right project.


Wreaths – DIY wreaths are really appropriate for this time of the year. Actually, among all the ornaments that craft shops supply, this is the one that people contemplate as the most creative. If you want to make your own wreath then just stick to these easy steps. Have a blank wreath wire frame, and then wrap a special holiday ribbon and fabric to it. After that is to cut some decorative paper in leaf forms and attach it to the wreath to make your wreath more realistic.

Banners – What greater way to get into the holiday spirit than to say it with your favorite Christmas words? Terms like “Joy”, “Peace on Earth”, or even the simple “Merry Christmas” are already enough to convey how fun the Christmas season is and those who will see it will feel the similar way too. You create letterings through the use of stamps, then die-cut triangle and scallop shapes from any holiday cardstock or Christmas scrapbooking paper. Next, have your embroidery floss and conduct the knots. See? It’s not that tricky!

Ornaments – Ornaments are ideal for both the interiors and exteriors of your own home. Making your own 3D decorations can be achieve by using felt and stuffing. You can also opt for card stock and then combine it with embroidery floss to make the best ornament ideal for your own home.

Shadow Box – You can also make use of shadow boxes because it adds an appealing feel to your loved ones photos. Get some supplies like a shadow box frame, family pictures, festive cardstock and dies, ribbons, stamps, adhesive and allow your imagination run wild. You simply might turn out with a lasting family heirloom.

Craft Ideas

With DIY home decor, the loved ones will be able to feel the pleasure and joy of the season. All the members of the family will have fun through using some of these Christmas craft ideas.

Pop-up Christmas Cards – You can upgrade the traditional Christmas cards in to 3D pop-up Christmas card, making the experience more fun.

Little Santas – Utilize your old toilet and paper towel rolls by changing them into small Santas. Cut triangles for the little Santas’ hats, circle for face and eyes, scallop for the beard and then glue them together.

Candy Jar – Use materials such as ribbon, stamps, fun die shapes, cotton balls, or glitter and have your kids utilize them in decorating an empty and blank candy jar.

Christmas Lanterns – You could also try out creating Christmas lanterns through the use of decorative holiday paper. They will be filled with pleasure seeing the lanterns while they wait for Ol’ Saint Nick to arrive.


December 4, 2013

Ideas On Exactly How To Make Cards For Newbies


Did it ever cross your head to do something very special for someone that you love on her or his birthday or throughout the holidays, but had no idea just what to make? Cardmaking is completely unique and makes the card completely original as no one will tell someone how you feel like you can. It will not take a lot of your time and quite easy to make. Placing a few ornamental wordings in the card will just require around 20 minutes.

What Do You Need?

This endeavor would need you to prepare either a pre-scored blank card or a card stock. The majority of people prefer a pre-scored blank card in card making. This material can simply be folded. Furthermore, pre-folded cards are made out of the precise measurements of a standard card. Adding a few paper to your card can also cause it to look elegant. This enables you to personalize the background of your card depending on your artistic sense. To further boost the look of your card, put accessories and adornments in front and at the back of your card. The simplest things to use are design stickers or silk flowers, but really it’s completely up to you.

What Are Good Things To Keep In Mind?

Keep in mind that the most important part in creating a card is the one you’ll be giving it to. You should take into account what type of colors, designs and some other things that they like. Add exactly what you can to make the card as special as you want without it seeming very busy. You can then put flattering words in order to melt down the heart of the recipient of that card. The previously mentioned are just what you ought to remember in doing a card making.

The Way To Make The Card

The following are the ideas that have already been mentioned. Making cards is not a difficult move to make, in fact it’s simple if you just adhere to all the steps. This is precisely how to create a birthday card.

• Creating The Card – Prepare the card and simply fold it in half, then, begin adding some strips of colored paper making it a lot more fabolous.

• Make A Cover Page – On the front of a paper you can write all of your birthday wishes and you can cut them out if you intend to use different colors. Then you glue the letters to the page. It’s necessary to be careful and be cautious in gluing the letters so the glue will not smear or smudge past the letters.

• Make The Inner Wishes – On the right inner part, you can write anything that you would like to say to the person you’re making the card for. While in the left inner part of the card, you can add a picture of yourself with the receiver of the card.

• Finishing – You can put final touches to the card if you want to but take your time if anything requires drying.

Now that you know the steps exactly how to make a birthday card, you can begin your own to make someone more special.


November 18, 2013

Arts & Crafts What’s The Big Difference?


Generally, people often use the terms art and craft inappropriately. Many individuals perceive both words as words that denote the same activities or process. Nevertheless, the words arts & crafts they substantially vary from each other. Well, if you believe I’m dealing with the traditional crafts like making candles or jewelry designing, you are certainly wrong. With this, crafts like your what your children do at school like Paper Mache is what I am dealing with. Art generally is the most important factor that molds the child’s creative skills although crafting hobbies play a crucial role as part of the educational development of a child. So how do we distinguish between arts & crafts and what is the difference?

As previously stated, there is a difference between arts & crafts. As every one of them have two different meanings, always make sure you use each of them appropriately.


When a child creates art they are using the right side of their brain, developing their creativity and learning how to be imaginative. Generally, art covers topics of various and wide ranges. And as long as individuality is concerned, art always stays a key factor in shaping it.


One great example to utilize in describing crafts is making candles; here, there is a need to tightly follow steps in reproducing one There basically is no need to consider unique ideas with crafts as it is just all about reproducing or ?copying?. The intent behind making children do craft activities at school is to learn them to observe directions, use resources in a practical approach and enforce a learning concept. However, it necessitates art to sketch creativity and originality while the kid is working on the craft activities (which significance is rationally discussed above).

I?d want to however rationalize that I didn?t mean to say that crafts is better than arts or arts is matchless to crafts in learning perspective. This is just all about helping you comprehend their distinctions in order to shed light on the true denotation of both words. As a teacher or parent when you set up arts and crafts activities make sure you use the words correctly and let your child/student understand the difference.

Unfortunately adults generally give children more craft projects than art projects since the crafts end product is known and the child can follow a detailed direction guide. But even if this is the case, it still one of the reasons why kids end up exhibiting great results. In line with that, not just the kids are given good impressions, but as well as the parent or teacher.

I strongly suggest, as an educator, that parents or teachers must give their kids or students to do more art activities. Crafts frequently get heavily favored over arts however the child learns so much more through using art. It is through this that the child?s creativity, his competence of thinking for himself and expressing his idea is being sharpened. Art promotes uniqueness.


November 17, 2013

Fun And Simple Christmas Crafts To Make For The Holidays


Be sure to check out the latest Christmas Collection of dies that Brenda Walton has made for Sizzix, which is definitely a must-have for those who are looking fun and easy to make Christmas crafts. Most of her collections have a European-country Christmas concept that is excellent for handmade cards, entertaining and gift giving for the whole holiday season. The inspiration for her latest dies and embossing folder collections actually originated from her journeys throughout the globe. For sure, you will get all the things that you need in order to spread the true spirit of Christmas.

It is totally possible to create Christmas crafts that are distinctive and beautiful at the same time because this collection and her Favorite Things collection are compatible.

Make use of these Christmas crafts ideas if you want your relatives and friends to be astounded by your works.

Country Cottage

If you are looking for a great center piece, then this holiday undertaking is the ideal option. With Bigz XL die, the techniques to create a stylish European Country Cottage would be much easier.

Get some cardstock and designed papers and die-cut them to create the Country Cottage and its pieces. If you want to a classic or woodland look, it would be more recommended if you will use a wood grain kind of paper. (Always remember that the Roof is already cut on the fold.) Look into the crease lines of the die cut shapes, and use it as the guide in folding as you start to assemble. In order to beautify the cottage, just put various moss, twigs, and copper trim.

Stocking Gift Card Holder

One of the best Christmas crafts to make is a gift card holder because who doesn’t love to get a gift card or a small treat? In order to make a holder that can accommodate a typical sized gift card, try the Stocking Gift Card Holder Sizzix die-cutting set. If you want you loved one to really feel special this Christmas, then this is the right gift.

The Stocking Gift Card Holder could be created by cutting out patterned paper and Christmas cardstock simply by using a die cutter. Using the embossing folder of your liking, emboss the cuff of the stocking before you assemble the Gift Card Holder. A ribbon loop for hanging should be added to the assembled stocking, and stickers, blossoms or any details can also be added for decoration.


Make use of the Sizzix Bigz Die Snowflake Ornament so you can simply layout fun Christmas crafts like snowflake decorations for gift toppers and accessories for the tree. If you want some decorations that are simple to create your christmas party, then this one is perfect.

Using your concealed creative skills in creating simple Christmas cards is made fun and easy with Brenda Walton’s new Favorite Things collections. Enjoy Crafting!


November 15, 2013

How To Make A Gift Bag With Scrapbook Paper: Learn The Fast And Easy Ways Of Doing It


Do you have any idea that it is possible to make nice-looking personal gift bags by simply touching a button? Whenever you can see yourself among those that delights in giving gifts and crafting hobby, then the concept of neat gift bag will sure to please you. Continue reading to learn how to make a gift bag with scrapbook paper to amaze all of your family and friends.

There are plenty of circumstances wherein you can’t find the paper gift bag you are searching for. However, this can all change if you utilize SizzixeClips Machine. Do you anticipate the approaching birthday bash of your special someone? Is somebody that you know needs great party favors as a free gift for his or her celebration? What about Halloween candy bags to hand out to those adorable little trick or treaters? These creepy yet fun candy bags will sure to delight them!

Here’s how to make a gift bag look pretty quick and easy with your SizzixeClips Machine:

You can start with by just picking out the desired scrapbook paper or cardstock to utilize. You have the privilege to select whether you will go for a basic or an intricate one. Still you can make it more intricate through using stamps in order to make simple and fun patterns on your selected paper..

Then, with your Albums, Bags, Boxes eClips Cartridge stuffed, select the bags option. Browse through the bags option to get the one that will suit your occasion, after hitting okay, you have the option of selecting what size you want.

Pressing “cut” will be the next phase that has to be done after figuring out the dimension that you require for your gift bag. Your bag’s shape will be cut out by your SizzixeClips. The only thing that you will be asked to do is to add adhesive and fold it. You can’t find anything as simple as that!

If you intend to make it more attractive and remarkable, then you can accentuate your paper gift bag with tags, ribbons, and other fun details.

Enjoy creating crafts!


October 18, 2013

A Simple Guide To Arts and Crafts

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What’s not to appreciate about craft projects? I find this really wonderful because I can make ordinary stuff into something precious.

In regards to making arts and crafts, I can discover so many ideas to be inspired. You are presented infinite options and some of them are knitting, making quilts, card making, jewelry creation, creating scrapbooks and a whole lot more. You’ll find the crafts that will satisfy your personal ingenuity and you could conveniently accomplish this. (more…)